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How do I prepare to sell my car wash?

Having your information available and well-presented prior to the launch of a sale campaign is the best way to approach the sale process. This will ensure a smooth transition and also eliminate unnecessary transaction risk. This will make the buyer's process as easy as possible and eliminate any unnecessary assumptions that can limit the potential of the sale.

Critically assess your asset through the eyes of a prospective buyer. Be optimistic but realistic!

· Does it leave a good first impression?
· Is the car wash well managed?
· Is the equipment in order or does it need an upgrade?
· What is the competition and how am I positioned against it?
· What is the potential upside?
· Would you be happy to pay to wash your car there?

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

Some examples of the information required for the process or information that buyers will request as part of any potential due diligence period are provided below. Remember the more available the information, the fewer assumptions the buyer must make which in turn ensures a more rigid offer protecting price integrity.
Information memorandum
Leasehold or freehold information
Certificate of Title
Plan of subdivision
Outgoings schedule and forecast budget
Copy of lease documents
Zoning details
Planning permits and approvals
Operational Business
Age of business
No. of bays, tunnels etc
Age of equipment
Training manuals
Repairs and Maintenance logs
Equipment list and warranties
Staff roster and hours of operation
Competition analysis
Chemical suppliers and maintenance team
Traffic count
Profit and Loss Statements
Future forecasts
Membership numbers and growth opportunities
Detailed summary/breakdown of site-specific income
Depreciation schedule
Point of Sale statements
Presentation of the above information is key. Part of our process at CWSA is to do the heavy lifting for our clients. We collate the raw data with the assistance of the vendor and populate it into a marketing briefing pack (information memorandum and due diligence pack). This process and delivery ensure the information is well presented, secure and appropriately managed, ensuring no unnecessary assumptions are made which may comprise pricing.

This upfront process allows us to focus on positioning the asset to maximise value for our clients.

How do I give my car wash the best chance at success?

There is no single factor that ensures ultimate success for car wash operators. At its core, car washing is a service-based retail experience. Remembering this core principle and delivering on it will ensure you are giving yourself the best chance to succeed.

Some key pointers are below:

Know your plan and position in the market
As the saying goes, you can’t be everything to everybody. Therefore, the first step is to consider the catchment area. Once you have studied your market, define who the business wants to be, who you want your customers to be and how you want to service them...then execute the plan!

Build a team of trusted advisors who can help you on your way. From start-up to execution, to ongoing daily management, you can’t do it all by yourself. Spread the load and work on your business, not just in the business.

Find the right balance
As consumers become increasingly time-poor, the balance between providing speed of service and quality remains the focus. The car wash industry continues to evolve with automation, and technology driven outcomes for consumers and owners alike and you need to find the right balance without jeopardising your outcomes. Remember car washing for consumers will always be a service-based, retail experience.

Meet your market in terms of the service offering you are providing. Part of developing your plan for the car wash should involve a deep understanding of your demographics in the surrounding catchment and competition. From here, develop the service offering to meet demand and support it with equipment that is well presented, functional, appealing and reliable. Remember you only get one shot at a first impression!

A good car wash will remain destination lead for consumers however, having a car wash situated on a main road provides for large volumes of passing traffic making the job easier for new entrants. Have consideration to on site traffic flow and don’t miss the opportunity to maximise exposure with appropriate signage and positioning!

Who to appoint when you’re selling your car wash?

Selling a car wash is a big decision that should be carefully considered and deliberated.

When considering selling, there are a few choices vendors can make regarding who to appoint to manage the process on their behalf. These are:

Real Estate Agent:
Considered an all-rounder who specialises in a typical geographical area without having a specific day-to-day sector focus.

Business Broker:
Like a real estate agent without a defined focus area but specialising in the sale of businesses only (i.e., excluding real estate).

Specialist Car Wash Advisor:
A combination of the above with a specific focus on only the Car Wash Industry – a very rare commodity in Australia!

At CWSA, we are proud to be a market-leading, niche business focussing only on the Car Wash Sector in Australia. We live and breathe car washes and we make the process as easy as possible without compromising the outcome for clients.

Our intel, experience, contacts, car wash data in the Australian market and abroad, supported by a professional and structured process managed by a team of industry experts, makes us the only choice when considering this important decision.

Are you licensed to sell real estate in my state?

The short answer is yes!
We are licensed to transact in the buying and selling of real estate and businesses within every state and territory across Australia. We uphold those licenses by undertaking regular reaccreditation as required.

If you're in the process of appointing an agent or a broker to sell your car wash, it is essential to ensure they are licenced to conduct business for the state or territory of your car wash. You can search public registers across Australia to check on the validity of an agent's license. You can search via the following platforms:

        • Queensland Government Website
        • Service NSW Website
        • Contact Access Canberra (call 13 22 81 )
        • Consumer Affairs Victoria Website
        • Property Agents Board of Tasmania Website
        • Northern Territory Government Website
        • SA Government Consumer and Business Services Website
        • WA Government Consumer Protection Website
  • “Rory has a deep understanding of not only the car wash business but the sales process as well. He simply excels at what he does and is an absolute pleasure to deal with."

    Paul O’Connor
    Ex-Owner, Zippy Car Wash, East Rockingham WA
  • “The CWSA team were a great help thoughout the whole process. They aren't salesmen, they're an honest wealth of knowledge and are happy steer you in the right direction."

    Matt Guidera
    Ceduna Car & Truck Wash
  • “CWSA sold our car wash in July 2020 for our asking price. We would highly recommend the team at Car Wash Sales & Advisory if you want to buy or sell your car wash."

    Dan and Trish Mcgrady
    Port Macquarie Car Wash
  • “The team at CWSA helped us sell in record time and more importantly, for the price we wanted! I cannot recommend them highly enough. There simply isn't any other choice."

    Matt Guidera
    Ceduna Car & Truck Wash
  • “We could not recommend CWSA enough. If you are purchasing, selling or even just interested in the car wash industry, Car Wash Sales & Advisory are the team to talk to."

    Stuart & Suzie Mclaren
    Lakes Entrance Car & Boat Wash
  • “From the moment we contacted CWSA through to the purchase of our new investment property, we had their full support. We recommend them for your investment needs."

    Stuart & Suzie Mclaren
    Lakes Entrance Car & Boat Wash

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